Gender and economy in Melanesian communities: Monitoring resources for NGOs, government and researchers in Melanesia

Three years on, after countless field trips, workshops and desk research, we are pleased to announce the completion of resource materials for NGOs, researchers and government staff in Melanesia to assist in the process of tracking change on gender and economy at a community level.

The resource materials include:
A ‘river of change’ poster, describing four main tributaries of change necessary to improve gender relations in Melanesian communities
A poster using floating coconuts to help in understanding roles of women and men in economies in Melanesia
Flash cards for three Participatory monitoring tools to test the strength and flow of the River of change
– A manual of indicators and tools for tracking change in gender relations and the economy in Melanesian communities. This manual includes instructions on how to gather data using a survey and six participatory activities to produce community-based indicators of gender equality and economy. It also includes a CD with a data management file in Microsoft Excel to enter, store and analyse the data collected. A Microsoft Word file with example results (in graph format) and analysis is also included on the CD.

To download these materials, please go to the Research Reports page.

This work would not be possible without the support of our partners: Fiji National University, Union Aid Abroad APHEDA (Solomon Islands), Live and Learn Environmental Education (Solomon Islands) and Women’s Action for Change (Fiji). Thank you to AusAID for supporting this project through the Australian Development Research Award-funded research project ‘Measuring gender equality outcomes of economic growth in the Pacific: working with communities to develop indicators that monitor change’.


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